Update: Nutation and other things

It has been a busy ten months since my last post.  In that time I have had several ongoing projects in the works including the following:

  • a new piece, La Disparition, for sub-contrabass recorder premiering in by Antonio Politano in Laussanne, Switzerland, Fall 2016
  • a new piece for Duo Gelland, premiering in Minneapolis in April 2016
  • Kyle Hutchins will be producing an archival recording of Zusammenfluss in Spring/Summer 2016
  • Sound design and audio mixing for Hisham Bizri's film "Beneath the Wide, Wide Heaven".  This film is the result of a two-year iterative process of evolution, having existed in various prior versions.  The present cut of the film may be one of Hisham's most complex and compelling statements.  It is currently under consideration for the 2016 Court Métrage, Festival de Cannes.
  • Nutation for Flute/Clarinet duo--a commission of 113 Composers Collective--premiered this past weekend in two concerts, Feb. 5 & 7, in Minneapolis.  Here is a recording: